This site has been created to enable users of the Camborne, Pool and Redruth Shop and Pub Watch scheme to work together to share information about safety and security, suspicious characters, nuisance visitors and potential/convicted shoplifters. Shop and Pub Watch is as crucial to large premises with lots of stock and multiple members of staff as it is to the lone worker managing one small unit.

Camborne Shop and Pub Watch is a scheme that was set up many years ago with the help of Gould Electronics and the local Police Community Support Officers. It is a system that is designed to be used in conjunction with the usual method for contacting the police if you need to report an emergency or a serious but non-emergency incident. For emergencies you must always call the police first on 999 and for non-emergencies call 08452 777444. After you have done this, then use the Shop and Pub Watch radios to alert all the other Shop and Pub Watch members. If there is activity in your premises that does not warrant an urgent call to the police then use the radios as normal. This is much more likely to be in the event of suspicious activity or when you recognise a known, convicted or potential shoplifter or other type of criminal. The spirit of the Shop and Pub Watch scheme is very much about collaboration and cooperation; about working together as a community of shopkeepers to keep safe and theft-free.

How Shop and Pub Watch works:

  • Store detectives, security officers, staff and shop assistants can carry two-way radios.
  • Smaller premises can have a two-way radio kept behind a counter.
  • Any messages sent from a two-way radio are heard by everyone on the network.
  • Each two-way radio user has a caller ID, so the other users know who is transmitting and where a suspect is.
  • If a radio is stolen, it can be stunned (put to sleep) so the thief will be unable to use the radio.
  • Gould Electronics have also provided free radios to local PCSOs to enable them to carry and monitor the two-way radio network.

Why Be Part Of It? 

Shop and Pub Watch is a two-way radio system that links local pubs and stores with each other and with the police. The system can be used to communicate messages about incidents that occur in premises, such as shoplifting, and it also has built-in emergency features should a member of staff be assaulted or threatened. The radios can be used to relay information from the Police to retail and publican traders about stolen credit cards and cheque books, whilst other benefits include the rapid broadcasting of information on lost children, fires, first aid requirements, etc.

The Facts

According to the British Retail Consortium, since 2000 retailers have incurred losses of £11.2 billion from crime, an average of £2.24 billion each year.

In a survey of small retailers undertaken in 2005, 46% stated that their crime-related losses had increased, and 47% stated that they had increased their investment in crime prevention in the last 12 months.

Assaults on shop staff increased 14% in 2004, while incidents of threatening behaviour climbed 35% year-on-year.

Hard-pressed staff are not just up against “traditional” shoplifters but increasingly face well-equipped, professional thieves working in teams.

Shop and Pub Watch Combats Crime By:

1. Monitoring shoplifters and other criminals, especially drunken trouble-makers in pubs and clubs.

2. Making sure that every outlet is aware of which criminals are in the area, what they look like and where they are.

3. Letting centralised security staff and/or the police know exactly what is happening.

4. Ensuring that criminals are tackled effectively with stolen goods still in their possession.

5. Reducing assaults on staff.

CCTV Monitoring

The Camborne, Pool and Redruth Shop and Pub Watch scheme is supported by CCTV cameras monitoring activity in the town. The CCTV cameras record activity in the town and the live feed goes into the Main Briefing Room at the Camborne and Redruth Police Stations. The feeds are not monitored 24/7 so it is vital that shopkeepers use their ShopWatch radios in conjunction with their own CCTV camera footage and any other camera footage they acquire (including photos from mobile phone cameras) to generate evidence that can support the live CCTV feed into the Police Stations. It is also really important for staff to be alert and observant; making notes on the appearance, behaviour and activities of any suspicious visitors whilst they are there (in the interests of accuracy) as this kind of detail can be important in securing an arrest and conviction and can also be uploaded to the secure area of this site so that everyone in the scheme recognises these individuals when they make an appearance.

  1. My name is carol and i would like to join the pub watch
    I am manager of the fox and hounds, comford
    could you please tell me when and where the next meeting is and if i just come along to join there
    thank you

  2. Gould Electronics

    Redruth ShopWatch Meeting Tonight at M&CO Redruth, 5.30 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. 22/08/2011

  3. Please can all members of the Shop and Pub Watch Scheme – Camborne, Pool and Redruth – remember that you all share the same radio frequency so if you are logging into your radios regularly you are all connected. This means that you can keep track of the reported movements of potential criminals, nuisances or trouble-makers over that area and throughout the day and evening. Everyone who has a radio should log in first thing in the morning and then stay connected throughout the day.

  4. It is vitally important that ShopWatch members remember to phone the police first if they need to report a crime or to log a serious incident. Alert other ShopWatch members to the potential risk via the radios after the police have been called on the phone. Remember to use 999 for Emergencies and 08452 777444 for Non-Emergencies. If there is no immediate threat of assault or other criminal incidents then radio, record and monitor as usual using the ShopWatch radios.

  5. The minutes of todays’ meeting at Poundstretcher, Camborne have been uploaded to the Meeting Minutes Page of this site. Please read and feedback any comments you have.

  6. There is a shopwatch meeting at Poundstretchers, Camborne on Tuesday July 19th at 10.00 a.m. PCSO Zoe Smith will be present and Elayne Senn from Gould Electronics, who supply and maintain the radios for the scheme. This will be an excellent opportunity to review the situation in light of the loss of CCTV cameras in the town (budget cuts) and to be updated on Data Protection Legislation in terms of information and pictures that can be released to the members of the scheme by the poilice and published in the secure area of this site as well as pictures that members themselves want to circulate.

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